We are a small firm that will help you set your strategy, hire the right front line team to manage day to day, and then stay with you to provide decades of experience as your community grows.



Getting a community off the ground needs a solid strategy, needs savvy implementation, and needs to be as inexpensive as possible. Often you can’t have all three, but we can help you get pretty close.

We are your in-house community strategy team for when you don't need a full time senior level strategist, freeing your budget to hire the best day-to-day community manager.

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We join your team on retainer, bringing decades of experience to help drive strategy, long term vision and ongoing analysis. By letting us manage the high level, you gain significantly more flexibility in the skill level of your full time hire, so you can get going much faster, for a lower cost, and a better output.


We've hired a lot of people in our time. Let us help you define the scope and role of your new community hire, write the job description, and attract the right candidates. We can also help you evaluate the skills and aptitude of candidates you like, ensuring that you get the best fit for what you need.


We've been through it all and come out breathing (and often better off) on the other side. We put that experience to work for you, be it a quick questions or an urgent crisis, we're always right there for you. Our goal is to make you, your community and your team more awesome in everything you do.

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We've been planning, building, and fostering communities professionally for more than 25 years combined. We started back when dial-up was the norm, Geocities was popular, and when GIFs were cool the first time.

We absolutely love what we do.


Justin specialized in communities at scale, moderation, user generated content and combattive communities (the ones where people fight a lot). He splits his time between New York and DC.


Scott specializes in starting and transitioning communities, for-profit and non-profit community strategy, volunteer management, and virtual worlds. He works in the San Francisco Bay Area.



We work in person on both the Left Coast and the East Coast, or remotely with you anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us and we'd love to start discussing what you're doing and how we might be able to help.